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Cheese is one of the most versatile ingredients in the world. It takes just about any meal to the next level and can make even vegetable haters gobble up anything green when it’s smothered in a gooey cheese sauce. Let’s sing the praises of cheese!

Cheese Can Make Meals Both More Fun & More Sophisticated

Cheese allows even the most inexperienced cook to prepare mouthwatering meals using just a few simple ingredients. Whether it’s a light and fluffy cheese souffle for breakfast, a rustic grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, a decadent cheese fondue as an appetizer or a hearty, creamy bowl of mac ‘n cheese for dinner, cheese can make meals more fun or more sophisticated. The world of cheese ranges from the mild flavours of mozzarella to the pungent taste of blue-veined Stilton. It can be nothing more than a sprinkle of parmesan on pasta, or the star of the show with ooey-gooey goodness in a golden halloumi sandwich. Kids hate veggies? No problem, smother it in cheese sauce. Out of jam for toast? Add a smear of cream cheese. Quiche feeling a little bland? Top it with luscious gruyere. It’s so versatile that the same platter topped with a selection of cheeses from around the world, alongside fruit and assorted crackers makes the ideal appetizer for guests or the perfect way to end a meal.

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Cheesy Treat Ideas for the Whole Family

Nothing is more family-friendly than cheese! Better yet, cheese is a stand-alone wonder, perfect for lunch boxes and snacks. For example, our chefs put together our Kids Easy Cheesy Lunch Box packed with cheese curds, naan wedges and carrot sticks ready to dip in delicious hummus and tzatziki. When kids are home on the weekend, lunch can be whipped up in a few minutes with a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches with tons of fun, stretchy, melty cheese. Cheese dips can be served cold or warm, such as the crowd-pleasing, kid-friendly cheesy corn dip or your basic melty cheese sauce. A tray of nachos smothered in gooey cheese is ideal for lunch, dinner or a hearty treat for the whole family. When your kids’ friends are begging for a snack, offer them a yummy roll and go lunch wrap stuffed with fresh fruit and cream cheese. Even a tray of mild cheese, crackers, fruit and vanilla yogurt dip is sure to please. And who can forget pizza? Take any flatbread you have in the house, or a stale crusty roll or baguette and spread on tomato sauce, your favourite toppings and a pile of mozzarella for a quick lunch or snack.

Canada's Most Popular Cheese Recipes Based on Total Online Searches and YouTube Searches

Cheese RecipesOnline Searches
Mac and Cheese36,700
Margherita Pizza18,200
Grilled Cheese16,700
Feta Tomato Pasta12,100
Cheese Burger6,690
Cheese Fondue5,490
Mozzarella Sticks5,550
Cheese StrawsS3,600
Cheese Biscuits1,920
Cheese On Toast1,900
Grilled Cheese Sandwich2,600
Cheese Tortellini1,300
Baked Potato Soup1,310
Cheesy Potatoes1,450
Basque Burnt Cheesecake1,000

Cheese: A Must-Have Ingredient in All Kitchens

Cheese should be a staple in every kitchen thanks to its diversity and adaptability. You can simply snack on it as is, add it to sandwiches, or use it in your favourite sauces, casseroles, and pastas. Discovering the types of cheese available is a lot of fun because it allows you to taste new cheeses. HelloFresh chefs are constantly experimenting with cheese and coming up with new recipes and ways to use it for our meals. Cheeses come in several varieties including:

Fresh cheeses such as:
  • Mozzarella for pizzas and baked pastas
  • Feta for salads
  • Cream cheese for toast, bagels, desserts and wraps
Soft cheeses such as:
  • Brie as an appetizer with fruit or baked and drizzled with honey or jam
Semi-soft cheeses such as:
  • Havarti for sandwiches
Semi-hard/firm cheeses such as:
  • Cheddar for snacking, sandwiches and mac ‘n cheese
  • Gruyere for fondues, baked soups, quiches and more
  • Gouda for sandwiches, snacking and cheese sauces
Hard cheeses such as:
  • Parmesan for salads and to top pasta dishes before serving

Canada's Most Popular Cheese Varieties Based on Total Online Searches and YouTube Searches

Cheese VarietiesOnline Searches
Cottage cheese14,950
Cream cheese12,180
Cheddar cheese6,650
Goat cheese5,650
Swiss cheese5,470
Oka Cheese1,930
Friulano cheese1,300
Ricotta Salata1,300

Find You a Food That Can Do Both: Cheese Is Tasty & Healthy

With more than 1,000 distinct types of cheese around the world, you can choose a different cheese each day and still have wedges and wedges to conquer. It is the ultimate food because it is tasty and healthy making it a wonderful addition to every fridge. To add more cheese to your diet, order HelloFresh meal kits to enjoy all the benefits of this delicious, healthy food.

Cheese recipes

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Cheese Recipes

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