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Homemade Pizza Recipes That Are the Definition of Perfection

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Master the Art of Making Delicious Pizza

Show us a person who doesn’t like pizza and we’ll show you someone who has never tried it! From the gooey cheese and the endless variations of toppings to the perfectly baked crust pizza is a meal that can be adjusted to suit anyone’s taste. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill delivery pizza: we’re talking about pizza made in your own kitchen and baked to cheesy perfection in your own oven. You can master the art of making mouthwatering pizza with the right ingredients and recipe. Whether you’re vegan or a diehard meat eater, anything goes when it comes to the art of creating delicious pizza.

February 9th is National Pizza Day, the perfect day of the year to fire up your own oven and toss together a pizza with your own hands. It’s a wonderful meal to make with family and friends, giving everyone a chance to add their own twist with their favourite ingredients.

Healthy and Tasty Pizza Recipes for the Whole Family

Many pizza lovers will tell you when it comes to finding healthy, tasty pizza recipes it all comes down to the sauce and crust. These ingredients are the foundation of your pizza and can make or break your pizza’s success. The crust can be thin, or thick, contain gluten or be gluten-free – and even be made with whole grains. It affects the texture of the pizza, while also making sure it holds up to the toppings. The sauce comes in a few choices including the classic tomato-based sauces. White pizza is served sans sauce, and instead uses a light brush of olive oil to anchor the toppings. Some pizzas also use a cream-based sauce or cheese for the bottom layer of the pizza. However, today anything goes from tikka masala to barbecue.

Toss That Dough Like a Pro

Pizza making is an entire experience allowing you to get elbow deep in dough and experiment with new and classic ingredients. You need to be willing to get your hands dirty and be fearless in your creations, but you can also keep things beautifully simple. Whether it’s a classic Margherita with tomato sauce, cheese and fresh basil or a pizza singing with extravagant combinations of meat, veggies and cheese, once you get the hang of tossing that dough like a pro, there’s no end to the marvellous meals you can create.

No Fancy Pizza Oven? No Problem!

It doesn’t take a fancy pizza oven to make truly delightful, authentic pizza. The chefs at HelloFresh have perfected pizza recipes that come out bubbly and tasty from your own oven. You have to give the Italians credit for their traditional recipes all based on simple ingredients tossed together in a myriad of combinations. This approach to cooking allows you to create tasty recipes that appeal to the whole family. However, HelloFresh chefs also look for global influences to expand your options and introduce new culinary experiences. When you take on the joyful task of homemade pizza, you can consider the ingredients that appeal to you making it a delight to make and share.


Canada's Top Pizza Dishes Based on Total Online Searches and YouTube Searches
Hold onto your aprons when you get a look at the types of pizzas Canadians are baking in their kitchens these days. From classic Margheritas to Sweet Potato Kale, here are the pizza dishes Canadians are popping in their ovens most often:
  • Margherita Pizza: 18,200
  • Pizza Supreme: 12,100
  • Pizza Pockets: 8,250
  • Vegan Pizza: 5,700
  • Pepperoni Pizza: 3,700
  • Cauliflower Pizza: 3,000
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza: 2,910
  • Breakfast Pizza: 1,960
  • Pesto Pizza: 1,920
  • Marino’s Pizza : 1,900
  • Taco Pizza: 1,620
  • White Pizza: 1,340
  • Mexican Pizza: 1,000
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza: 880
  • Chocolate Pizza: 900
  • Chicken Pesto Pizza: 720
  • French Bread Pizza: 480
  • Mac and cheese pizza: 480
  • Smoked Salmon Pizza: 480
  • Ham And Pineapple Pizza: 390
  • Caprese Pizza : 320
  • Four Cheese Pizza: 140
  • Chicken Parm Pizza: 120
  • Double Decker Pizza: 110
  • Extra Cheese Pizza: 110

    The sky really is the limit when it comes to the art of making pizza.

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Pizza recipes

Pizza recipes

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Recipes you'll love!

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