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Protein-Packed, Vegan & Delicious: Tofu Recipes That Will Have You Wanting Tofu Everyday

Way before plant-based meat lined grocery shelves, tofu was the go-to for protein-rich meat substitutes. Think tofu is bland? Tofu is delicious when prepared right. With fresh ingredients delivered to your door, you can make tofu the star of any dish.

Tofu Nutrition: Packed with Packed and Full of Flavour

Why did the tofu cross the road? To prove it’s just as good as chicken of course! When it comes to versatile vegan protein choices, tofu is miles ahead of the rest. Low in fat and carbs but packed with about 15 grams of protein per serving, tofu is perfect for rebuilding muscle after a workout and keeping you full longer. It’s also one of the few complete vegan proteins. That means it has all nine essential amino acids your body needs in a single serving.

The Perfect Vegan Protein for Every Meal

Want to know what really makes tofu an amazing protein source? Its subtle flavour means it can be added to meals that animal proteins like chicken can’t. You can boost the protein content of your breakfast smoothie by blending in some soft or silken tofu. Got a sweet tooth? Soft tofu can be whipped into a wonderfully decadent chocolate pudding that’s creamy and light without dairy. Adding extra protein to desserts will help keep you satisfied through the night. Both men and women can use tofu to hit the recommended daily intake. Meat typically does have more protein per serving than tofu but you’ll still get all the protein you need if you just choose tofu. Plus, as a plant-based protein, tofu is completely cholesterol free. So if you’re looking for protein-rich meals that are good for your heart, try ditching the meat and adding tofu.

Canada’s Favorite Tofu Recipes Based on Total Online and Youtube Searches

Popular Tofu Recipes in CanadaTotal Searches
mapo tofu7,500
tofu magique6,600
tofu general tao5,470
tofu scramble3,000
agedashi tofu2,920
air fryer tofu2,910
marinated tofu2,910
tofu stir fry2,550
crispy tofu2,470
baked tofu2,470
fried tofu1,970
tofu soup1,070
tofu tacos1,010
deep fried tofu630
tofu salad600
tofu pudding600

Looking for Great Vegetarian Recipes? Ditch the Meat and Go for Tofu

If you need a vegetarian protein source to swap with your usual animal protein, there’s none more versatile than tofu. Tofu can seamlessly take the place of chicken, beef and pork in your favourite recipes for tasty results. Don’t believe us?

Try miso tofu stir-fry for a sweet and salty combo that’s a clever twist on classic stir-fry. Miso is made from fermented soybeans, just like tofu and its salty flavour contrasts the sweet honey and fresh asparagus beautifully. Stir-fry is a great idea for a meal that comes together quickly. It’s also great for using up any leftover veggies. Marinated tofu can be prepared in cubes and fried for an easy appetizer.
With a little bit of hot sauce, fresh herbs and a side of potato wedges, you can make baked buffalo tofu bites that are a gamechanger on game day. They’re crispy, tasty and mouth-wateringly good, just like buffalo wings. Plus, there’s no bone to slow you down when you’re eating these, so enjoy! And what about steak? Would you believe tofu’s an excellent substitute for this dinner staple? Grab a bold and smokey BBQ sauce and a little bit of allspice for your tofu and taste the flavours of a summertime barbecue classic. Don’t be afraid to ditch the meat in your favourite dishes and add tofu for an easy and delicious vegetarian twist.

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Delicious Recipies That Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Tofu

Pretend your block of tofu is a sponge: it may start bland and pale, but that all changes when you add your favourite flavours to the mix. Just because tofu is healthy doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless – a block of tofu will soak up all flavours and colours, so be creative with what you add. With some garlic, onion, and black salt, you can turn tofu into a delicious egg-free scramble. Try soaking tofu in your favourite marinade and then frying it for a crispy and savoury salad topper. Tofu cubes can even be air-fried for a healthy snack. This can be a great option if you like snacking on things like chips but want to avoid fats from cooking oils.

There are literally thousands of recipes that prove tofu is both nutritious and delicious. Many recipes feature tofu as the star of the dish for a reason. There’s a healthy and tasty meal starring tofu for whatever mood you’re in.

No matter what cuisine you’re craving, we’ve got an incredible selection of recipes that show off everything you can do with tofu. This protein-packed food is ideal in everything from savoury stir-frys to smokey tacos.

Forget About “Tasteless Tofu” With Many Savoury Ways to Season Tofu

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Tofu Recipes
 Interesting in trying out some tasty-tofu dishes for yourself?
 Interesting in trying out some tasty-tofu dishes for yourself?
 Interesting in trying out some tasty-tofu dishes for yourself?

Interesting in trying out some tasty-tofu dishes for yourself?

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