The Modern Art of Sandwich-Making

There’s more to sandwiches than the staples. With layers of fillings and various flavours toasted to perfection, you can’t go wrong with this quick fix. Looking for a power breakfast hack, snack, or savoury delight? Discover your perfect sandwich.

Discover the Art of Sandwich-Making With Delicious Sandwich Recipes

Sandwich Recipes You Haven’t Thought of Before

What’s in your sandwich? The ultimate quick meal hack, all you really need to make a sandwich is bread and the right filling to satisfy your craving. The best part is, almost anything can go in a sandwich — sweet or savoury, meat or veggie, or a delectable mix of various fillings and flavours.

Tired of eating the same grilled cheese or cold cuts in a bun? Now’s your chance to discover a lot more fillings and spreads you can pile on for a truly sumptuous bite. From the classic spreads to artisanal delight, the perfect sandwich is an artful mix of flavours, textures, and a dose of healthy satisfaction.

Wondering what makes a true sandwich masterpiece? Discover must-try sandwich recipes that elevate the classics. While you can’t go wrong with a quick and easy tuna melt or ham and cheese, you can also fill up on delicious proteins with a cuban or steak sandwich.

Get the best of sweet and savoury with pulled pork or chicken salad, or turn up with heat with a best-selling Nashville hot chicken. And if you’re looking for a healthy fix, mix up your grilled cheese with an avocado spread or a pear and gouda pairing. For the best of fusion flavours, add an Asian twist with culinary delights like banh mi, or enrich your palate with the aromas of a falafel sandwich. With all these sandwiches to try, every meal is truly a masterpiece.

Canada's Top Sandwich Dishes Based on Total Online Searches and YouTube Searches

Craving the perfect bite of bread packed with all the filling flavours you love? Check out the sandwiches Canadians can’t get enough of. From diner classics like reuben and cubans, to all-star protein with philly cheese steak and sloppy joes, find your perfect sandwich here. Discover Canada’s favourite sandwiches — and master the art of making yours:

  1. Tuna melt 9,900
  2. Reuben sandwich 9,900
  3. Cuban sandwiches 4,400
  4. Steak sandwich 3,600
  5. Pulled pork sandwich 3,600
  6. Chicken salad sandwich 2,900
  7. Hot chicken sandwiches 1,900
  8. Ham sandwich 1,600
  9. Nashville hot chicken sandwich 1,600
  10. Banh mi sandwich 1,300
  11. Ham and cheese sandwich 880
  12. Falafel sandwich 720
  13. Philly steak sandwich 720
  14. Pulled pork sandwich toppings 720
  15. Tuna melt sandwich 590
  16. Chicken pesto sandwich 480
  17. Baguette sandwiches 390
  18. Tim Hortons Pulled pork sandwich 320
  19. Cheese steak sandwich 320
  20. Avocado grilled cheese 320
  21. Vegan grilled cheese 210
  22. Ham and egg sandwich 170
  23. Curry chicken salad sandwich 170
  24. Steak and cheese sandwich 170
  25. Open face steak sandwich 140
  26. Grilled ham and cheese sandwich 110
  27. Sloppy joe grilled cheese 110
  28. Reuben sandwich sauce 110
  29. Chicken parm sliders 110
  30. Apple walnut chicken salad sandwich 90
  31. Appetizer sandwiches 70
  32. Grilled buffalo chicken sandwiches 70
  33. Grilled salmon sandwiches 70
  34. Pear and gouda grilled cheese 20
  35. Asian sloppy joes 10
  36. Best grilled cheese ever 10
  37. Caesar club sandwich 10
  38. Club sandwich roll 10
  39. German chocolate sandwich cookies 10
  40. Kielbasa sandwiches 10
  41. Mini italian club sandwiches 10
  42. Oven-roasted pulled pork sandwiches 10
  43. Slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches 10
  44. Smoked chicken sandwich 10
  45. Sriracha chicken salad sandwich 10

Take Your Sandwich Game to the Next Level

Are you a true sandwich lover? There’s no better time to celebrate than #NationalSandwichDay. Pile on the layers of cheese, proteins, and veggies, and spread them generously over the perfect toast. Crust or no crust, sliders or footlong, toasted or good old-fashioned grilled — there are countless ways to make the perfect sandwich. All you need are the right fillings.

Craving creamy goodness with a healthy twist? Try a caesar club packed with nutritious veggies to step up the classic club sandwich. Looking for the perfect companion to your drink on game night? Fix yourself a sloppy joe — and get sumptuously sloppy with generous fillings. And if you’re ready to try bold, new flavour explosions inspired by your favourite cuisines, there’s always the challenge of a curry chicken or sriracha chicken sandwich. With all these must-try combinations, you can easily elevate this quick lunch staple, and turn it into a culinary winner.

Easy Sandwich Recipes for Busy Bees

Sandwiches are universally loved mainly because of the one thing that defines them: they’re easy to make, ready in just a few minutes. With staples like bread, cold cuts, cheese, and fruit or greens likely already in your pantry, you can fix yourself a quick snack or a healthy, hearty meal in no time. This is quick and easy, healthy and delicious goodness at its finest.
Looking for a quick sandwich hack? HelloFresh has got you covered, with a lot more than the standard PB&J. Our promise is this: quick, easy-to-follow recipes. After all, isn’t that the art of a sandwich?

Whether you’re meal-prepping for a busy work week, or you’re looking for quick and easy snack-sized sliders, there are tons of easy sandwich recipes to try every day for a deliciously filling, hassle-free bite. Discover five-minute sandwich hacks, all the way to artisanal creations and more.

Not Sure What to Have for Lunch? Why Not Reinvent the Classic Sandwich

Move over, tuna melt and ham and cheese — and get ready for an upgrade. With their combination of carbs, proteins, and even a dash of greens, sandwiches are a lunch staple. And thanks to an endless combination of flavours, aromas, and cooking techniques, you can reinvent the classics in no time.

Looking for a balanced, healthy meal? Skip the BLT or good old grilled cheese. Experience an elevated take on the healthy twist with an apple walnut chicken salad sandwich, pear and gouda grilled cheese, or an all-vegan grilled cheese alternative. Want to combine rich Asian flavours with a hearty protein? Try Asian sloppy joes. If you’re craving some seafood delight, discover the unique taste of a grilled salmon sandwich.

With these new recipes to add to your repertoire, your lunch sandwich will definitely satisfy all your cravings and give you the essential midday boost to take on the rest of the day. Get the best of a complete, balanced meal, now packed in bite-sized delights for easy prep — and even easier enjoyment.

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