Thai Recipes

Looking for Thai recipes? We’ve got you covered with a wide variety of simple, delicious, and easy-to-follow options you’ll love.
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20-MIN MEALwith Veggie Noodles and Crushed Peanuts
20 minutes690 kcal
with Basil, Coconut Rice and Charred Snow Peas
30 minutes829 kcal
with Snap Peas and Cilantro
30 minutes790 kcal
with Roasted Eggplant and Mushrooms
30 minutes822 kcal
with Coconut Rice and Peanuts
30 minutes1060 kcal
with Toasted Cashews and Jasmine Rice
30 minutes894 kcal
with Stir-Fry Greens
30 minutes950 kcal
with Stir-Fry Greens and Ginger Rice
30 minutes570 kcal
with Carrot and Cucumber Ribbons, served over Jasmine Rice
30 minutes735 kcal
with Green Rice and Toasted Peanuts
30 minutes710 kcal
with Rice Noodles and Toasted Peanuts
30 minutes840 kcal
with Sweet Bell Pepper and Chow Mein
35 minutes640 kcal
on Cilantro-Lime Rice
30 minutes1070 kcal
with Crispy Broccoli, Peanut Sauce and Jasmine Rice
30 minutes628 kcal
on Ginger Rice with Stir-fried Veggies
30 minutes1010 kcal
with Red Bell Pepper and Bamboo Shoots
30 minutes1245 kcal
with Roasted Eggplant, Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots
30 minutes843 kcal
with Crunchy Cabbage Slaw and Fragrant Jasmine Rice
30 minutes697 kcal
with Tofu, Julienned Carrots and Snowpeas
30 minutes654 kcal
with Bok Choy, Mushrooms and Peanuts
30 minutes495 kcal
Veggiewith Ginger Sugar Snap Peas and Thai Basil
30 minutes691 kcal
with Snow Peas and Tangy Mango-Pepper Salsa
30 minutes470 kcal
with Noodles and Fragrant Greens
30 minutes656 kcal
with Sweet Potato and Baby Corn
30 minutes1111 kcal
with Carrot Ribbons and Sriracha Dressing
30 minutes513 kcal
with Cucumber-Mint Salad
30 minutes0 kcal
Veggiewith Rainbow Slaw
35 minutes434 kcal
with Brown Rice
30 minutes577 kcal
with Peanut Veggie Noodles
35 minutes770 kcal
with Broccoli, Mushrooms, and Peanuts
35 minutes655 kcal