Jalapeño Popper-Stuffed Chicken
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Jalapeño Popper-Stuffed Chicken

Jalapeño Popper-Stuffed Chicken

with BBQ-Spiced Potatoes and Green Beans

Tonight, enjoy a fun spin on a pub favourite in the comfort of your home! A creamy, cheesy jalapeño mixture is stuffed into chicken breasts, which are then wrapped in bacon to create a total show-stopper. Crispy green beans and BBQ spice-dusted potatoes make for satisfying sides.


Produit dans une installation qui traite le lait, le sésame, les œufs, le poisson, les crustacés, les moutardes, les noix, les arachides, le blé, le soja et les sulfites.

Durée de préparation30 minutes
Temps de cuisson


quantité par portion

340 g

Portions de poitrine de dinde

100 g

Tranches de bacon

350 g

Pommes de terre à chair jaune

1 cs

Assaisonnement BBQ

(Contient Moutarde)

½ pièce(s)


¼ tasse(s)

Fromage cheddar, râpé

(Contient Lait)

1 pièce(s)

Fromage à la crème

(Contient Lait)

170 g

Haricots verts

28 g

Échalotes frites

(Contient Blé)

1 pièce(s)


Pas inclus dans votre livraison

1.5 cs


1 cs

Beurre non salé*

(Contient Lait)

0.13 cc


0.13 cc



Informations nutritionnelles

Énergie (kcal)505 kcal
Énergie (kJ)2111 kJ
Graisses29 g
dont saturés23 g
Glucides47 g
dont sucres7 g
Fibres7 g
Protéines17 g
Cholestérol57 mg
Sel0 mg


Plaque de cuisson
Papier sulfurisé
Petit bol
Grande poêle antiadhésive
Cuillères à mesurer
Verre doseur


Roast potatoes

Before starting, preheat the oven to 450˚F.Wash and dry all produce. Cut potatoes into 1/2-inch pieces.Add potatoes, half the BBQ Seasoning and 1 tbsp (2 tbsp) oil to an unlined baking sheet. Season with salt and pepper, then toss to coat. Roast in the bottom of the oven, flipping halfway through, until tender and golden-brown, 22-25 min.


Meanwhile, core, then finely chop half the jalapeño (whole jalapeño for 4 ppl), removing seeds for less heat, if desired. (TIP: We suggest using gloves when prepping jalapeños!)Zest half the lemon (use same for 4 ppl), then cut into wedges.Combine jalapeños, lemon zest, cream cheese and cheddar cheese in a small bowl.

Prep chicken

Carefully slice into the centre of each chicken breast, parallel to the cutting board, leaving 1/2 inch intact on the other end. Open up chicken like a book. Pat dry with paper towels, then season with half the BBQ Seasoning, salt and pepper. Dollop jalapeño mixture onto one side of each chicken breast. Close the other side over filling.

Cook bacon-wrapped chicken

Wrap 2 bacon strips around each stuffed chicken breast. (TIP: Overlapping strips by 1/2 inch helps keep bacon on chicken!) Heat a large non-stick pan over medium-high heat. When hot, add 1/2 tbsp (1 tbsp) oil, then bacon-wrapped chicken. Pan-fry until golden, 2-3 min per side. Transfer to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Roast in the middle of the oven until cooked through, 16-18 min.**

Cook green beans

Meanwhile, trim green beans.Wipe the same pan clean, then reheat over medium. When hot, add green beans and 1/4 cup (1/2 cup) water. Cook, stirring occasionally, until water evaporates, 4-5 min. Add 1 tbsp (2 tbsp) butter. Cook, stirring constantly, until butter melts and coats green beans, 1-2 min. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Remove from heat, then cover to keep warm.

Finish and serve

Let chicken rest for 5 min before serving. Divide potatoes, green beans and chicken between plates. Squeeze a lemon wedge over green beans, if desired, then sprinkle crispy shallots over top.

Modularity step (under step 3)

If you've opted to get turkey breasts, prepare and cook them in the same way the recipe instructs you to prepare and cook the chicken breasts.