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something something shirmp

with Peanuts and Rainbow Slaw

Tonight's dinner comes in like a flavor loaded bolt of lighting. Sweet, tangy and slightly spicy, it's a real trifecta of deliciousness. Oven roasted sweet chilli shrimp partner with a crunch-tastic and tangy slaw for a meal you wont soon forget. The only thing faster than the cook time will be how quickly you will devour it all!!


Produit dans une installation qui traite le lait, le sésame, les œufs, le poisson, les crustacés, les moutardes, les noix, les arachides, le blé, le soja et les sulfites.

Durée de préparation20 minutes
Temps de cuisson5 minutes


quantité par portion

285 g


(Contient Crevettes)

6 pièce(s)

Tortillas de farine

(Contient Sulfites, Blé Peut contenir Soya, Avoine, Seigle, Sésame, Triticale, Lait)

170 g

Mélange pour salade de chou

56 g

Mélange printanier

1 pièce(s)


2 pièce(s)

Oignon vert

28 g

Arachides, hachées

(Contient Arachides)

4 cs

Sauce au chili doux

(Peut contenir Oeuf, Soya, Moutarde, Blé, Poisson, Sésame, Lait, Sulfites, Crustacés)

2 cs

Mayo épicée

(Contient Moutarde, Oeuf Peut contenir Sulfites, Blé, Crustacés, Poisson, Lait, Sésame, Soya)

1 cs

Vinaigre de riz assaisonné

(Contient Sulfites)


Informations nutritionnelles

Énergie (kcal)650 kcal
Graisses22 g
dont saturés4 g
Glucides80 g
dont sucres29 g
Fibres6 g
Protéines33 g
Cholestérol190 mg
Sel1780 mg
Gras Trans0.1 g
Potassium850 mg
Calcium300 mg
Fer5 mg


Plaque de cuisson
Grand bol
Papier aluminium


  • Core, then cut pepper into 1/8-inch slices.
  • Thinly slice green onions

  • Using a strainer, drain and rinse shrimp, then pat dry with paper towels.
  • Add shrimp, half the peppers, half the sweet-chilli sauce and 1 tbsp (2 tbsp) oil to an unlined baking sheet. Season with salt and pepper, then mix to coat.
  • Roast, in the bottom of the oven, flipping half way, until peppers are tender-crisp and shrimp are cooked through, 8-10 min.
  • Add vinegar, remaining sweet-chilli sauce and 1 tbsp (2 tbsp) oil to a large bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Stir to mix.
  • Add coleslaw cabbage mix, half the green onions and remaining peppers. Toss to coat.
  • Wrap tortillas in foil, then place in the top of the oven until warm, 4-5 min. (TIP: You can skip this step if you don't want to warm the tortillas!)
  • Arrange tortillas on a clean surface.
  • Divide spring mix between tortillas.
  • Top each tortilla with some of the slaw, and shrimp. Divide wraps between plates.
  • Drizzle spicy mayo over each wrap.
  • Sprinkle peanuts and remaining green onions over top.
  • Serve any remaining slaw on the side.