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Different Ways To Enjoy Lettuce - Other Than Salads!

Looking for more ways to include lettuce into your diet without having to always have a salad?
Let us help. Here are a few
  • Layered: Add lettuce as an extra layer in another favorite recipe; a burger, wrap or sandwiches
  • Instead of bread: Lettuce can be a healthy substitute instead of burger buns or tortilla wraps
  • Lettuce soup: When in doubt, blend your lettuce up with your favorite spices and enjoy a bowl of lettuce soup to keep you warm
  • Smoothies: Yes really, lettuce is a great ingredient to include in your daily smoothies to get your 5 a day in easy


Is lettuce a vegetable?

Yes, lettuce is one of the many leafy green vegetables available to include into a healthy, balanced diet that can add flavor and texture to a range of recipes.

Can you freeze lettuce?

Yes, you can freeze lettuce. Just keep in mind that freezing can water down some of the lettuce flavor and means that crispy texture can be lost, too. It's best to freeze your lettuce for when you're hoping to use it for blended recipes such as soups or smoothies.

How to store lettuce?

To store a full lettuce, dampen a paper towel and wrap it around the lettuce. Pop into a plastic food bag and place into the refrigerator. For storing individual leaves, spin them to ensure they are dry before storage, keep the leaves in the salad spinner basket, top with dampened paper towels and store in the refrigerator.
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Recipes you'll love!
Recipes you'll love!

Recipes you'll love!

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