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How many different types of cabbage is there in Australia?
Whilst there are many types of cabbage available across the globe, there are four main types that dominate Australian cabbage recipes. These are:
  • Red cabbage: The brightest type of cabbage used, the red cabbage is often eaten raw, added into salads or pickled as the ideal side dish
  • Green cabbage: The common cabbage, one you're most likely to see on plates across the country
  • Chinese cabbage: The wombok cabbage is the more oblong-shaped type that is the star of many Asian dishes
  • Savoy cabbage: Often mistaken for the green cabbage, this one offers sweet flavors with crispy leaves the closer to the centre you reach


Can you freeze cabbage?

Yes, like most vegetables, you can freeze cabbage to keep it fresher for longer. The best way to freeze cabbage is to blanch it first, that is to emerge it in boiling water for a short amount of time - about 90 seconds - this is enough time not to cook the cabbage but to lock in the flavor. Then you can freeze the cabbage and reduce the chances of diluting the taste.

How to shred cabbage?

Shredding cabbage is simple, easy and doesn't have to be neat! After washing your cabbage and removing the core, cut the cabbage into four and then thinly slice - roughly. Ta-da, you now have shredded cabbage perfect for a range of recipes.

Can you eat cabbage raw?

Yes, cabbage can be enjoyed raw or cooked. Eating it raw keeps the natural texture of the cabbage and can add a crispiness to a range of dishes.
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