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Vouchers and Gift Cards

How do I redeem my promo code?

If you are a new customer and have a promo code, lucky you! Just follow the steps below to redeem it.

  1. Head to this page.
  2. Select the box size you would like to purchase and the number of servings and begin sign up.
  3. At the delivery page, where your delivery address is entered, there will be a box in the right module to enter your promo code!
  4. Enter your code in the box, press 'Apply', and the discount will be applied against the final cost.
  5. Follow the steps to check out.
  6. Check that the total has been updated and proceed to checkout.

If you're a current customer redeeming a code in your account. You can do so in your 'Account Settings'.

Don't forget to check the terms and conditions of your specific promo code.

My promo code isn't working. What do I do?

Oh dear, we are sorry that your discount code isn't working. If your promo code isn't working, here are a few simple things you can check first:

  1. Make sure that your code is not expired.
  2. Make sure that you're entering the code correctly with no extra spaces.
  3. Check that the code is valid for the product you selected. (Some codes may exclude certain box sizes.)
  4. Double check the Terms and Conditions of the promo code. (Some codes are only valid for first-time customers or are limited to one per household.)
  5. Make sure you're redeeming it in the right place. Promo codes for new customers should be redeemed here. Current customers can redeem their codes in your 'Account Settings.'
  6. Make sure you're not trying to redeem a Gift Card. If you have a Gift Card you can redeem it here.

If all the above do not help, our Customer Care Team would be happy to help you sort out any discount code issues, so feel free to reach out to them!

I have a promo code for a free box. Why are you charging me $1?

The $1 you may see at checkout is simply an authorization charge to verify the validity of the payment method you are using.

Rest assured, however, that free means free, so this dollar will be returned to you after your order has been processed.

I am redeeming a free box. Why do I need to enter a payment method?

When signing up for HelloFresh, you are enrolling in a weekly, auto-renewing subscription service. Coupons or vouchers may discount all or part of your initial delivery, but your subscription will automatically continue (with weekly charges to your account) unless you choose to skip or cancel deliveries.

Just remember to let us know by your deadline before your next scheduled delivery if you wish to skip or cancel — no minimum commitment required.

If you're redeeming a Gift Card, please visit our Gift Card page.

Can I gift HelloFresh?

Give the perfect gift with a HelloFresh delivery. Share the joy of cooking with your friends and loved ones and treat them to a HelloFresh delivery for one week. Simply buy a gift card online and wish them Happy Cooking!

This is a one off delivery and no subscription is created. The gift box is available across all our plans.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the 'Gift Cards' link
  2. Select the type of box you'd like to give
  3. Choose the size of the box and the delivery date.
  4. Add a special note
  5. Complete the order, and we can either send you the voucher to print off and give to your friend, or you can select a date for us to send the voucher to your friend as an email!

*The recipient will be able to enter their own delivery and meal options when they redeem your special gift.

Purchasing a Gift Card for someone living outside Canada? You must purchase a gift card in the receiver's country for the gift to be valid.

How do I redeem my Gift Card?

Get ready to have so much fun in the kitchen! But first, follow the instructions in the email notification. Alternatively, do the following:

  1. Head to
  2. Click 'Gift Cards'.
  3. Click 'Redeem Gift' and follow the prompts to order your box.

If you are already a HelloFresh customer, you can add your gift card on your account with these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and go to Account Settings
  2. From the menu bar, select Gifts and discount codes
  3. Submit the code from the gift card and click Enter code. Your gift card is now applied!

Can I purchase more than one gift card?

Absolutely! The more HelloFresh the merrier.

In order to purchase more than one gift card at a time, you must add each gift card for each product separately. However, you can pay for multiple gift cards at the end of the checkout process.

When will the person I am sending a gift card to receive it?

Your gift card recipient will receive an email on the specific day that you indicate. This email will contain step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the gift card. Please note, it can take up to 24 hours for a gift card to be delivered if you choose a card to be sent immediately.

Pro Tip: Your gift card recipient will receive an email on the specific day that you indicate. This email will contain step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the gift card.

Will I receive an email confirmation for my gift card purchase(s)?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation after purchasing a gift card!

The recipient will receive their e-gift card separately. If the recipient(s) do not receive the email confirmation, we suggest they check their spam folders.

Do gift card purchases result in the creation of a subscription?

Nope, gift card purchases are one-off transactions. You will not be setting up a subscription for the sender or the recipient, and no further charges will apply.

I am redeeming a free box or gift card. Why do I need to enter a payment method?

If you are redeeming an e-gift card purchased from our website, you will not be enrolled in a subscription.

We simply ask for a valid payment method so that you can easily convert your account to a subscription if you wish to continue after receiving your free box.

Rest assured, however, that we will not enroll or charge you for additional deliveries unless you choose to convert your gift card account to a subscription.

Why am I asked to enter a shipping address when purchasing a gift card?

We want to make sure the person receiving the gift card is in our delivery area. We’d hate for you to buy a gift for someone you love just to find out that they can’t receive a box.

If you're not familiar with the recipients delivery address, you can simply enter your own address. The recipient will be able to enter their own delivery and meal options when they redeem your special gift.

If you send a gift card and the recipeint is unable to redeem this, please contact us.

Can I send discounted boxes to my friends and family?

Absolutely - you'll be the most popular person at the next family reunion! HelloFresh makes a perfect gift for friends or family.

Our discounted first delivery promotion is an offer that we give our customers to spread the HelloFresh cheer. This promotion will be offered to you when you hit certain milestones in the HelloFresh family. You will also receive credit on your account for each discounted box you send and is then claimed!

Please note discounted boxes are for first-time customers only and the recipient will need to sign up for a HelloFresh subscription to redeem this offer. Rest assured, their first box will still be discounted and they can make adjustments to their account at any time. No commitment required!

How to check if you have discounted boxes to send?

To check whether you are eligible to send discounted boxes, log in to your account and click on 'HelloFriends' in the navigation bar. This will appear on the top right on the webpage and on the bottom on the HelloFresh app. It will have a little red number in a circle indicating how many discounted boxes you are able to send.

From here, click on the green button and you’ll be prompted to enter your friend's email address and they'll receive instructions on how to place their order. You can also send discounted boxes by Facebook and Twitter!

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