How To Manage Your Account

Because only you know when you are hungry we have made the account management process as easy as possible. To make changes to your account, simply log in with your username and password. Head to 'Settings' under your name on the right hand side, to make changes to your account or subscription, or 'Your Deliveries' to skip, reactivate or choose your meals.

To guarantee the highest quality produce we need a little time to plan ahead. This is why we ask you to let us know by the Wednesday before the following week's delivery.

*The cut-off for any pauses, order restarts, address and box type changes made online is 11:59pm EST on the Wednesday before the next delivery. Emails need to reach us by Wednesday 6pm. All successful changes will be confirmed by email.

Note: It is not possible to make changes aside from meal selections to your first order or a prepaid order. If you need to make changes or skip a prepaid order, simply get in touch with our Customer Care team to make the change for you by calling 1-855-272-7002 or email