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Looking for deliciously simple dinner ideas? Look no further. All recipes are free to download, easy to follow, fun to cook, and so delicious to taste.
1223 recipes found
with Roasted Green Beans, Cherry Tomatoes and Cheesy Bread
20 minutes680 kcal
with Cheddar Cheese and Crema
30 minutes640 kcal
With Chimichurri, Feta Aioli and Sweet Potato Fries
30 minutes1040 kcal
with Chips and Corn Salsa
20 minutes900 kcal
with Mushrooms and Garlic Croutons
35 minutes740 kcal
with Roasted Peppers and Potatoes
35 minutes700 kcal
with Tomato Linguine
30 minutes740 kcal
with Braised Greens and Potato Wedges
30 minutes940 kcal
with Cilantro Rice
30 minutes1050 kcal
with Garlic Naan
25 minutes990 kcal
Lime Rice and Mango Salsa
30 minutes0 kcal
Granny Smith Apple Side Salad
35 minutes660 kcal
with Cheddar-Chive Smashed Potatoes and Roasted Broccoli
30 minutes830 kcal
Specialwith Seasoned Rice and Spicy Bok Choy
35 minutes1090 kcal
with Fresh Salad and Sesame Dressing
30 minutes670 kcal
with Wintery Kale Caesar Salad
35 minutes760 kcal
with Roasted Squash on Cilantro Rice
30 minutes910 kcal
Roasted Potatoes and Garlic Hummus Drizzle
30 minutes820 kcal
with Harissa Yogurt Drizzle
30 minutes890 kcal
with Roasted Red Peppers and Potatoes
30 minutes610 kcal
with Sweet Chili, Carrots and Bok Choy
35 minutes710 kcal
with Peas and Baby Spinach
20 minutes920 kcal
with Mushroom Gravy, Montreal Steak-spiced Potato Wedges and Zesty Mayo
35 minutes1060 kcal
with Mexican Spiced Butternut Squash
35 minutes590 kcal
with Peas and Potatoes
35 minutes950 kcal
with Sesame Green Beans and Ginger Rice
30 minutes770 kcal
with Peppers and Mashed Potato
30 minutes580 kcal
on Garlic Rice
25 minutes790 kcal
and Roasted Potatoes
30 minutes650 kcal
with French Green Bean and Cashew Salad
30 minutes750 kcal