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American Recipes

Looking for American recipes? We’ve got you covered with a wide variety of simple, delicious, and easy-to-follow options you’ll love.
209 recipes found
with White BBQ Sauce, Buttery Corn and Crispy Potatoes
35 minutes630 kcal
Beyond Meat®with Crispy Shallots and Fries
30 minutes840 kcal
Specialwith Tarragon Cream Sauce
35 minutes890 kcal
Beyond Meat®with Oven-Baked Fries
30 minutes920 kcal
with Creamy Potato Salad and Baby Kale
40 minutes870 kcal
with Kale and Gravy
25 minutes550 kcal
Beyond Meat®with Chunky Fries and Chopped Salad
30 minutes900 kcal
Specialwith Loaded Brussels and Potato Wedges
35 minutes960 kcal
Specialwith DIY Choc-Cinnamon Rolls
40 minutes1960 kcal
with Roasted Sweet Potato Fries and BBQ Fry Sauce
30 minutes1010 kcal
with Kale and Stracciatelle
30 minutes780 kcal
20-Min Mealwith Buttery Green Pea Rice and Lemony Mayo
20 minutes980 kcal
with Roasted Squash and Baby Kale
30 minutes670 kcal
Beyond Meat®with Tomato Salad and Lime Crema
40 minutes840 kcal
Beyond Meat®with DIY Guacamole and Kale Salad
30 minutes1000 kcal
with DIY Ranch and Sweet Potato Fries
30 minutes1170 kcal
SpecialQuick Spring Salad
35 minutes1170 kcal
with Side Salad
30 minutes820 kcal
and Citrusy Cilantro Couscous
30 minutes720 kcal
with Pecan Dusted Green Beans
30 minutes730 kcal
Great to Grillwith Sweet Potatoes and Garlic-Mayo
30 minutes1170 kcal
with Roasted Veggies and DIY Dill Ranch Sauce
35 minutes610 kcal
with Veggie Succotash
35 minutes790 kcal
with Garlic-Butter Corn and Kale Slaw
30 minutes689 kcal
with Basmati Rice and Lime Crema
35 minutes730 kcal
with Cheesy Onion Biscuits
35 minutes578 kcal
with Sage Gravy
30 minutes930 kcal
with Basmati Rice
35 minutes820 kcal
with Green Beans and Sweet Potato Mash
35 minutes610 kcal
with Sweet Potato Fries and DIY Ranch Dressing Salad
30 minutes748 kcal