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American Recipes

Looking for American recipes? We’ve got you covered with a wide variety of simple, delicious, and easy-to-follow options you’ll love.
216 recipes found
Specialwith Sweet Potato Fries and Cucumber Salad
35 minutes1190 kcal
with Parmesan Fries and Marinara Ketchup
35 minutes1070 kcal
with Potatoes and Green Beans
30 minutes600 kcal
on Savoury Mushroom Rice
35 minutes700 kcal
with Creamy Mac and Cheese
35 minutes1360 kcal
Specialwith Cornbread
40 minutes1280 kcal
with Cheddar Cheese and Crema
30 minutes640 kcal
with Chips and Corn Salsa
20 minutes1010 kcal
SpecialGarlic Potatoes and Horseradish Aioli
35 minutes850 kcal
with Peppers and Kidney Beans
35 minutes900 kcal
with Lemony Broccoli and Parmesan Mayo
30 minutes830 kcal
with Cheddar-Chive Smashed Potatoes and Roasted Broccoli
30 minutes830 kcal
with Wintery Kale Caesar Salad
35 minutes910 kcal
with Peas and Baby Spinach
20 minutes920 kcal
with Mushroom Gravy, Montreal Steak-spiced Potato Wedges and Zesty Mayo
35 minutes1060 kcal
with Mexican Spiced Butternut Squash
35 minutes590 kcal
with Tortilla Chip Crumble
35 minutes490 kcal
with Cream Sauce and Fried Sage
30 minutes1260 kcal
with Roasted Sweet Potato Fries and BBQ Fry Sauce
30 minutes1010 kcal
with Kale and Stracciatelle
30 minutes780 kcal
20-Min Mealwith Buttery Green Pea Rice and Lemony Mayo
20 minutes980 kcal
with Mushroom Gravy, Peas and Creamy Chive Smashed Potatoes
35 minutes630 kcal
with Roasted Squash and Baby Kale
30 minutes730 kcal
with Apple Stuffing and Roasted Broccoli
35 minutes760 kcal
with Sweet Potato Mash and Corn
20 minutes790 kcal
with Pepper Potato Hash
35 minutes730 kcal
with Roasted Squash and Sweet Peas
20 minutes440 kcal
with Burger Sauce Drizzle
30 minutes940 kcal
with Sweet Potato Fries and House Salad
35 minutes930 kcal
Specialwith Loaded Brussels and Potato Wedges
35 minutes960 kcal