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Turning leftovers into lunches for the kids

“Culinary Lead, Corby-Sue Neumann, has some easy ways to turn leftovers into lunches for the kids.”

Beyond Meat to offer plant-based meat in HelloFresh meal kits

“Beyond Meat and HelloFresh have teamed up to add a plant-based meat option in meal kit boxes.”

Despite more packaging, meal kits are greener than groceries, study suggests

“After adding up all the environmental impacts, the researchers found that, on average, a meal made with groceries produced about 33 per cent more greenhouse gas than the same one from a meal kit.”

HelloFresh's 'Taste Tours' Share Worldly At-Home Meals

“HelloFresh is now sharing an alternating menu of Taste Tours with dishes that draw inspiration from around the world.”

Alexandra Diaz partners with Hello Fresh for their one-year anniversary

“I’ve been using HelloFresh for several weeks now, and it really does live up to its reputation. I can’t do it without it.”

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Ian Brooks

Founder and CEO, HelloFresh Canada

Ian founded HelloFresh Canada in February 2016, with a mission to change the way Canadians eat forever by making dinner more accessible and achievable no matter the skills or time constraints. He started his career as an environmental consultant, and has two decades of management experience across operations and strategic procurement. He is a Family Box customer and regularly makes HelloFresh meal kits for his wife and 2 sons. Prior to HelloFresh, Ian held management positions at McKinsey & Company, Johnson & Johnson, and Scotiabank.

Corby-Sue Neumann

Culinary Lead, HelloFresh Canada

Corby-Sue Neumann joined HelloFresh Canada in September 2017. Before that, she worked in the culinary industry living in Sydney, Australia. A true food lover, Corby-Sue worked as a Chef, Food Writer and Producer, Caterer, and more! She’s now a leader on our Culinary Team, developing fresh, simple and delicious meals for homes across the country. When not planning menus, cooking, talking or writing about food, you can find Corby-Sue on culinary adventures with her two favourite people, her kids!

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