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Dorm-Friendly Recipes for University Students

Dorm-Friendly Recipes for University Students

Knowing the best food to cook in a dorm is a great way to sustain yourself during all those late-night, last-minute study sessions. Don’t burn out on junk food; instead, keep your mind sharp and your craving for fresh, home-cooked meals satisfied with these healthy dorm room cooking ideas.
Knowing the best food to cook in a dorm is a great way to sustain yourself during all those late-night, last-minute study sessions. Don’t burn out on junk food; instead, keep your mind sharp and your craving for fresh, home-cooked meals satisfied with these healthy dorm room cooking ideas.

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HelloFresh Meal Kit Delivery For Students: How it works

Whether you house share or live by yourself, using student discount on our HelloFresh meal kits is an easy way to cook nutritious meals whilst saving money.

Set up your plan, choose how many people you're cooking for and decide how many days you want covered.

Make a selection from the fantastic, delicious recipes we have on offer every week that will suit every type of diet.

Back to School and Struggling With What to Cook? We’ve Got the Solution

Your new and exciting life on campus is your first shot at freedom. However, it may also be your first dose of reality. Without home cooking to sustain you, you’ll need some fresh ideas for easy meals to keep you going through those long nights of studying and socializing.

University dorm life can present some real food challenges, from less than appetizing cafeteria food to limited fridge space. What's more, you’ll likely find yourself dealing not only with a lack of cooking experience but also a serious lack of time.

What you need is access to fresh groceries and great ideas for healthy, easy cook meals that don’t take forever to prepare. And you can also hit your parents up to make life easier with quick prep meals to keep you well-fed!

Here are our helpful tips for easy meals to sustain you through your first-year university experience.

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Eat Well on a Budget And Stay Healthy With These Dorm-friendly Recipes

Whether you’re a student or a parent sending their kid off to university, those first few months are a serious adjustment period. Parents, you want your kids to eat well and stay healthy, and students, you want to know you won’t starve without your parents cooking.

The simple answer is a balance of easy recipes designed for dorm cooking and ready-to-eat options to keep students well-fed.

Cooking for students doesn’t have to be impossible. It’s painless to prepare healthy, easy meals when you have fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that are ready in under 30 minutes.

From fried rice to pasta, eggs, and avocado toast, the right recipes leave plenty of time to catch up on your course reading, get in some studying and still find time to unwind with new friends. All on a full stomach!

Popular Dorm Room Recipes for University Students

Popular Recipes To Cook In The Dorms Based on Total Online and Youtube Searches Total Searches
french toast 29,200
tacos 29,000
overnight oats 28,800
nachos 28,000
quesadilla 28,000
hummus 19,000
omelette 16,800
quinoa salad 15,500
scrambled eggs 11,600
hard boiled eggs 10,300
smoothies 10,100
spring rolls 8,250
egg salad 6,950
chia pudding 6,850
bean salad 6,700
egg fried rice 5,200
granola bars 3650
pita pizza 2,440
salmon salad 1,910
instant ramen 1,700
red beans and rice 1,680
avocado toast 1,030

Missing Home Meals: Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

It’s the little touches that help students feel less homesick during that first exciting but difficult year. Setting your dorm up with familiar and comfortable things is a great way to feel more at home.

Since home cooking plays a major role in the comforts of home, knowing some quick dorm cooking recipes definitely helps. From cheesy nachos to killer sandwiches, quick soups and ramen, you’d be surprised how easy it is to whip up a meal with only a microwave.

If you’re still feeling homesick, your parents can help you out. Parents of university students can check out the student-friendly discount codes from HelloFresh. A food box can make a perfect gift for students heading off to university.

It’s a perfect gift that keeps on giving for our HelloFresh customers.

Dorm Room Cooking Hacks That Will Save Your Life - Especially with Our Student Discount!

Cooking in a dorm isn’t easy, but there are tons of no-cook or microwave-adaptable recipes you can use. Our cooking hacks are a great starting point, but there are tons of recipes for quick, easy meals using fresh ingredients that require limited kitchen tools.

Things like niçoise salad, gnocchi with a variety of sauces, sandwiches and even some rice dishes provide easy recipes for students with a taste of home.

If this seems too much work (or too much money), you can ask your parents to take a look at our current discount codes that's perfect for the university student budget!

Dorm Living: Must-Have Cooking Equipment for University Students in Canada

Top Cooking Equipment For Canadian Dorm Life Based on Total Online Searches and YouTube Searches Total Searches
blender 68,300
instant pot 55,900
microwave 27,800
mini fridge 27,180
rice cooker 18,550
pots 14,870
toaster oven 12,180
kettle 12,120
cutting board 6,750
knives 5,800
can opener 5,480
popcorn maker 4,460
pans 4,410
tea kettle 2,410
silverware 1,910
glass jars 1,900

Kids off at University? Make Sure They’re Eating Right With HelloFresh's Student Discount!

Parents, we get this is a hard time for you too. How do you know your child is eating right? With limited space in the fridge, not to mention limited cooking skills, you know home-cooked meals are going to be a struggle.
Instead of letting them take their chances at the campus cafeteria, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing they’re eating healthy meals more often by sending them some HelloFresh meals.
Whether it’s every day, a few times a week, or a few times a month, they’ll get a boost from real food they can prepare and eat fresh.
Learn more about our meal plans below, or check out the student discount we have available.

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Does HelloFresh Offer Student Discount?

Yes, at HelloFresh we offer student discount to make our rookie-friendly recipes even more accessible. We know being a student can be expensive, that's why we provide them with great offers to ensure they can enjoy HelloFresh recipes at a cheaper price.
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The survey data is from a survey conducted by HelloFresh among Canadians and from the Google search volumes, Instagram hashtag followers, and YouTube searches.
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